fifty two

café mandela, now my favorite bar for live music, drinks and dancing. the danes do not like to dance unless specifically directed to do so--something we found out after deciding that the world was our dance floor, and if they were going to sing "valerie," well, there was no way we weren't dancing. at first, the americans were... Continue Reading →


fifty one

christiania, the land of the free peoples. a communist collective that lived through the 70s, lived to tell about it, and i'm fairly certain are stuck somewhere between 1980 and 2000. it has its charms though. and i highly endorse micro-level communism, thus making christiania one of my favorite neighborhoods in copenhagen. currently, around 1000... Continue Reading →


nifty fifty is upon us. what better way to celebrate with food that i can't afford. that's the natural response to any form of celebration, correct? seems to be common practice. the glass markets of copenhagen have stolen much of my money. although i suppose "stolen" is incorrect terminology, since i parted with the money... Continue Reading →

forty nine

art galleries are nicer than my house. why is that? what does art require in its life that i do not? i would really love an orange house with a courtyard. that is all.

forty eight

lights and clouds. actually, ping pong balls and peanuts on walls. don't ask me about modern art, you could get a philosophical rant about the arguable exploitation of modern art upon the unsuspecting lemmings of society who wish to achieve a higher understanding through the veritable bullsh*t that is the "modern, ephemeral interpretation of the... Continue Reading →

forty six

studying, in copenhagen, takes on new meaning. no longer does one pick their favorite desk in the old library, no. studying requires image, aesthetic, and food. coffee must be ordered at all times, dress attire is business casual, and at minimum, the space must have at least one instagrammable area. rousted from my usual comforts--sweatpants,... Continue Reading →

forty five

blomster, dearest blomster. the cutest in all the land. somehow, copenhagen in october can assume the role of paris in may. flowers stay outside past the point when my lips turn blue, somehow maintaining perfect color and shape. the shops themselves transform into central american jungles, with a perfect 80 degree thermostat and 100% humidity.... Continue Reading →

forty four

if you're wondering why so many of my posts contain images of food, stop wondering. i love food. it's not a secret. food is great. as i've expressed repeatedly. fan-tas-tic. emphasis on each syllable. and don't even get me started on creating my own recipes, i will talk your ear off and then bankrupt myself... Continue Reading →

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